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Emma’s book is most wonderful! with such wisdom covering everything to help the reader live their dreams. Knowing one’s true self, and connecting core beliefs with wants creates universal magic.  This book covers just about everything for people to elevate their consciousness. And so well written

An incredibly powerful and enlightening read in so many ways, the perfect resource taking me to new and exciting heights

Jo Berry, Public Speaker, Conflict Resolution Consultant and Peace Activist

Having suffered severe traumatic anxiety for the majority of my life, through seeing Dr Em in practice and applying everything in her book, I’ve learned how to step out of my comfort zone and seriously break boundaries to experience an amazing life that was once unimaginable. From being told since childhood I’d always be on antidepressants to now being medication-free, I’m a happy, healthy and successful 23-year-old. Thank you so much, and a brilliant read encapsulating everything!

Having experienced life at my lowest ebb to the extent I was ready to end it all, I can say 100 per cent that Em made an enormous difference in the way I saw life in general. Without all her help, basically everything she’s put in her books and her natural manner to add a certain sense of humour and solution in even the darkest times, I would have been pushed over the edge. Thanks to all our work I’m a totally different person from that time and for sure out of my comfort zone, pushing new boundaries like you wouldn’t believe! Thank you so much Em.